How to diet while "on" ?

  1. How to diet while "on" ?

    Whenever people ask for advice on cutting cycles, the majority of people tell them that diet, and not gear, is the key. But how exactly should one eat while on, say, test and Winny for example? Does it just allow you to starve yourself and do tons of cardio without worrying about muscle loss? Is there a guide somewhere that tells how to diet while on?


  2. Normal diet, higher on protein and clean

  3. bump that - no need to starve yourself or you'll ending loosing extra muscle.

  4. I was wondering, would it be better to cut harder while on and only retain muscle? Or cut less but build a little muscle?

    I'm leaning towards the former at the moment.

    I'm thinking better to lose say 16lbs of fat on a 8 week cut and maintain muscle. Then in pct you have no new mucle to lose and you'll be leaner so then you can easely increase cals a bit to retain muscle.

    Or lose say 10lbs of fat and gain 2lbs or muscle.

    Whereas if you try to build more muscle chances are you'll still be too fat after the 8 weeks and you'll want to continue cutting into pct. Causing you to lose much of the extra muscle you gained by eating more calories.

    BY saying cutting hard I don't mean 1000cals or anything. I mean say 200-300 less than the less stricks cut, so 700 below maintenance or so. (thats about 3800cals per day for me.)

    Any thoughts...

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