Hey guys,

Curentely 26 years old 187 lbs and 5'7

About 2 weeks ago I started a 12 week test prop/tren ace cycle. Only running tren for 8 weeks tho. I've been feeling great making gains but realized there was a competition in 15 weeks that I wanted to prep for. I've been taking about 50mg of tren ED and 70 of prop ED.

My question is since I was planning to do a 12 week cycle would it be beneficial to just extend my cycle 18 weeks until my show or would it be best to blast for this first 6 weeks than take 2-3 weeks off and cruise and blast for the last 8-9 weeks before my show.

Also I only have enough tren for about 8 weeks but since I already am 2 weeks in to it would it be best to just run it for all 8 weeks or would it be bad to stop it now and try to save it for closer to 6ish weeks out from my prep because I've heard great things about tren pre contest. I will be running clen pre contest as well so maybe the tren won't be all that neccesary before the show.

Lemme know what you guys think here's another run down of what the extended cycle would be or if you think I'd be better off blasting and crusing prior show lemme know.

Test prop week 1-18
Tren ace week 1-8
Clen on and off every two weeks from week 6 to week 18.

Or should I stop my wonderful golden tren now and save it for weeks 12-18? I feel it might be better to just run it all 8 weeks now then maybe up my prop for awhile after until the show. I'm torn please help!!