Loading up on Cycle Supports

  1. Loading up on Cycle Supports

    I see mostly everyone stating before starting their DS cycles that they "pre-load" for two weeks or a week prior to starting. I have done this also, but I was wondering is there any actual sense in this? Does it help prepare and protect your body anymore than it would have if you hadn't preloaded?

  2. Honestly it smells like bro science.

    I take the roids, and nothing else. Almost all those pros from the 70's are still alive.

  3. It's because Hawthorne berries can raise your blood pressure before lowering below baseline again... This usually takes two weeks. Hawthorne berries are all that needs to be preloaded.

  4. If you use Cycle Assist it also contains Celery Seed extract that should negate any rise in BP during the initial days

  5. What beastybean said regarding the initial spike. Depending on how strong the compound you are running is, I would definately pre-load...broscience or not. Can't hurt to get a good bearing on your BP before you assault it with anabolics. BP headaches suck.

  6. Good info guys!

  7. It's a waste of money if you ask me. I start the cycle assist the same day as my cycle. Only reason to start sooner is if you already have high BP since it will go up pretty fast.


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