Curious on what your support supp stacks are

  1. Curious on what your support supp stacks are

    Every one has there reason for choosing certain supps over other. I have my staples. What are yours

    I'm Curious on what support supps you guys consider staples while on your cycle. Or do you simply don't take support supps why?

    Which support supplements you guys think are trash and why?

    which are the best and why does it have an advantage over the others brands.

  2. Cel pct assist

    Aneteus labs tudca
    Fish oil
    Gaspari anavite
    Hawthorne berry
    Bout it on cycle
    Clo or nolv
    Reversitol v2
    Cel pct assist

  3. Any one else come on guys

  4. NAC
    Fish Oil

    There's a really the main essentials I use.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Support supps on a ph/ds:
    1. Start with Any blend like cycle assist and inhibit -P as my base

    2. Add 300mg cap of silymarin
    3. Add 2 Hawthorne berry caps
    3. Mega dose fish oil... ~4 soft gels 5x daily
    4. 300mg ALA post workout

    If necessary ill add...
    Taurine 3g for back pumps
    P-5-P 50mg 4x daily for prolactin

    Some people add cortisol control products, I haven't personally

    Daily staples
    Bcaa intra and postworkout (10g each)
    Orange triad multi 2tabs 3x daily
    Whey (whatever's on sale at NP) 2x daily
    Whey + egg + peanut butter at night as a treat before bed
    Creatine (I go through phases of using it a few weeks at a time but usually 5g on cardio days 10g on lifting days)
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  6. Forgot to mention:

    Always have some form of AI ready
    For this summer ill have formestane on hand, leans me out nicely too!
    CURRENT 2014 Log


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