Primobolam 100mg and Test400

  1. Primobolam 100mg and Test400

    Just started my second cycle last week. Gained 8 pounds already but that's probably from eating like a pig and some placebo since I've been going extra hard. I took test prop and test eth a few months ago for 7 weeks and I gained hardly anything from it and all my friends blew up. I'm wondering if this new stack will actually give me the gains I'm looking for. I know it's legit from the serial numbers on the vials and the source I got them from. I'm 199 pounds and naturally slim and hard to put on weight but I put on 30 pounds in the last year from just working out 5 days a week with no gear. Basically what I'm asking is if anyone has ran a similar stack? And what results they got I'm doing 2 doses a week 1ml of each which is 800mg of the test 400 and 200mg of the primo.

  2. Also I am running this cycle for 10 weeks and I would like to run tren from week 10-14. Do I need to take estrogen blockers the entire 14 weeks or just the with the primo and test and run my post cycle with the Tren? I hear a lot of different suggestions. I hear you don't need estrogen blockers with tren and I hear you can run tren with your post cycle

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