Trenbolone Questions

  1. Trenbolone Questions

    I have a Halodrol/Epistane cycle and Methlystenbolone cycle under my belt. Used Toremfiene Citrate as my SERM during PCT for both. Had no gyno or etc type of issues (even though though the listed compounds are not supposed to armoatize some people claim it antagonizies gyno.)

    This winter/spring I've decided I will do a Test/Tren Cycle. Since Tren is more anabolic and androgenic than test I will keel the test at TRT ranges simply to keep my labido the entire time.
    Cycle 10 weeks
    Test- 300mgs
    Arimidex .25

    Chose clomid because its proven to start back the HPTA faster than Nolva
    Chose nolva also because its the most effective at stopping estrogen from binding to the receptors.

    Now we know you have estrogenic gyno and progesterone based gyno. The second is what can come from Tren. Will this mean that for Tren Adex is completley used and I'd need Cabergoline? However I've heard that progesterone/prolactin only cause gyno in the presence of high estrogen levels which adex would control.

    OR should I just run nolva on cycle at 10mgs daily and not even worry about Caber/Adex.

  2. I think you are going in a bit over your head here just being honest, im not busting you chops.
    Tren is strong stuff and should be left when you have more experience with anabolics and you stuck. I had about 15 cycles before tren and even these days I rarely use it. It's too much and too intense of a compound to deal with it. When I do it is like puting the cherry on the cake I usually build up to it.
    If you have these many question you shouldnt do it. Stick with a test only or test/dbol if you have the itch to do it.

  3. Plus 1 for Vassille, Not to mention to amount of Tren is dosed way to low to be of any help. Run Test at 5-600 a week for 12 weeks, use Dbol in the front and Epi on the back end, PCT like normal.

  4. is that 75mg per day or is it per week?

    at 25mg/day i got very low sides and the changes to my physique blew my mind. i dont think you need to have that much experience before u play with tren. i wouldnt throw it in to your first injectable cycle, but for a second cycle its fine as long as u start slow, do daily injections so you can keep your levels more stable, and dont move up too quickly. id also have enough prami or caber to use the entire time you are on the tren as you will probably need it even at low dose, or i did at least.

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