Lethargy for P-mag

  1. Lethargy for P-mag

    Feeling some lethargic effects with my current P-Mag cycle. Currently on a hard bulk after a prolonged fat loss contest prep diet looking for big gains in size

    Can anyone suggest something to combat it?

    I've taken the old BPS Dermacrine and Stano 200 before when I took 1-Andro and it helped with lethargy but I'm looking to see if there is anything a bit different? Was looking into AMS 4-ad but it seems I would need a lot of it.


  2. any test base related products like androfactory bulk, plus the products youve already mentioned
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  3. I'd recommend AlphaBulk. Had me feeling as close to normal on a cycle as I've felt in a while. I liked it much better than AMS 4ad rde...

  4. 4-ad tends to bloat me a bit. Since you're on a bulk, may not be a huge problem, but just thought I'd point it out I usually use Dermacrine to try to combat lethargy. I've tried stano as well, but it seems to take a while to kick in and didn't help me a ton with lethargy, but as it turns out I was having issues with sleep apnea, so that may be why.

  5. Grab youself some SNS DAA dose it at 2-3g a day

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