well i decide to go with AMS for my first cycle to gain experience on how to run a ph cycle i'm expecting some lean muscle gain and a small reduction in bf %, but i take a lot of supp and i don't know if any of them will interfere or will be a waste of time.
AMS hormone reg kit, MV,Big 100 (b vitamin complex),nac, milk thi, cla,fish oil, vit E, probiotics, lecithin protein 1.5 gr/bw
pre work out; hyper fx, creatine, bcca
before bed; restore advance xr by *** (Melatonin, L-Theanine & Mucuna, leucine)
I have D POL by puru labs but dont know if there will be any difference if use it on cycle or add it to pct ( can i expect a test shutdown from this) if so can the D Pol help during the cycle. For the work out i will follow jim stoppani 12 weeke shortcut to size