bloated stomach and pain in my side on halodrol

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  1. bloated stomach and pain in my side on halodrol

    am i dying? the bottle just says "hdr" on it, no name of manufacturer.

  2. Yeah you're gonna die soon. Quick! Go to the er!

  3. i have been forced to do a pulse because of this, even tho i did not really want to pulse halodrol.

  4. the side effects seem to have subsided, but not seeing much in the way of gains yet. i do feel stronger tho, and seem to have more endurance. i still plan on taking a couple days off from taking it every week, to lessen organ stress and shutdown. i'm almost halfway through the bottle, and thinking of grabbing another bottle to run it longer since i'm doing a pulse. have gone up to 75 mg on my regular training days (3 days a week) i have been training 4 or 5 days a week tho. (go in for a little extra work for a day or two)

  5. Try a little aromasin or adex. Also take some probiotics.

  6. You need more water , end of story, just took halo at 100mg per day. I went from a gallon ,to 2 and it stopped the pressure.

  7. Also make sure, your eating , I didn't see size gains until week 5 and i ran it at 100mg. Pretty sure I took the same one your taking says HDR with green around it. No label. Just curious.

  8. yep, that's the one. do you know who the manufacturer is? i have been drinking lots of water but will try to up it.

  9. I do know the name , brand new company, once I get home I will post it to you. Are you using their pct called "END" ?

  10. nope, just the halo. have been eating like a champ, but haven't put on any weight. endurance and recovery time has improved, maybe a little stronger but nothing major yet.

  11. I ran it 6 weeks, 50/75/75/100/100/100, about 14 Pounds with a little water, probably keep, 7 or 8 after PCT. Their post cycle called "END" is great, look into that for your post cycle. Depending on your body, but halo takes a long time for the body to see results, so I've read, and my experience. If you have some extra cash i would get another bottle and run it longer.

  12. what's the company that makes it tho? curious because i can't find any info on the bottle anywhere.

  13. It's "NRG" the company name, not much on them online, but I have an entire booklet on their products. When I bought my cycle it came with it.They have halo,epi,tren,promag,ultradrol , and finaplex.

  14. yea, i plan on getting another bottle

  15. what is finaplex? would it be prudent to mix in some furazadrol towards the end of my pulse?

  16. Trenbolone acetate, pretty good cutting and finishing steroid so I've heard, can add good muscle at the end of cycle and to get body fat lowered.

  17. Probably going to get flamed for telling you to do this, but I would bump up halo to 100 mg a day and bridge into Epistane the last two weeks of your halo cycle and continue epi at 20mg a day for a week after halo is done then run your PCT, instead of furazadrol. What are you trying
    To do bulk? Cut? JW

  18. more of a recomp for summer. would like to add a little lean mass w/ as little fat as possible.

  19. i seem to be getting stronger and my endurance and recovery time are improved, but i'm not gaining any weight. appetite has been great and i've been eating a lot and often, but i figured i would have added a couple of pounds by now, anyway. thoughts?

  20. Halo is gang busters for strength, did you up your doses to 100 mg? And your on week 4 now ? Again I didn't see muscle mass increase until, 5th and 6 th week.

  21. week 3 or 4. still dosing at 75, 5 days a week

  22. i am pulsing since i don't have the proper pct and am worried about sides. gonna prob grab another bottle next week and think about upping my dose. but i'm gonna stick with the pulse

  23. i think i started on may 7th or 8th

  24. Quote Originally Posted by bossman523 View Post
    week 3 or 4. still dosing at 75, 5 days a week
    Working out 5 days a week, or dosing 5 days a week?

  25. dosing 5 days a week. working out 3-5


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