bloated stomach and pain in my side on halodrol

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  1. i'm probably being too conservative, but i'd rather be safe than sorry.

  2. How are the gains?

  3. well, i feel stronger and my recovery/endurance have improved but nothing crazy as far as strength gains, altho i have been progressing consistently. so i would say steady gains but nothing drastic yet.

  4. Halo isn't a huge drastic gainer, slow but consistent, buddy I dosed everyday for 30 days, I wouldn't dose 5 days a week.

  5. I meant 60 days

  6. I meant 50'days

  7. i'm not sure about "End". it has epi and 3 different Ai's in it.

  8. It's the non methylated version of epi, which means it works as a anti estrogen and isn't suppressive or liver harmful.

  9. Look at the chemical make up and compare to other epi products , I only said for you to use it , A. I ran it longer and higher and it worked for me
    B. it's made for that product

  10. oh, i'm not saying it won't work. i didn't realize it wasn't methylated. i'll probably give it a try, just want to make sure i'm not doing more harm than good.

  11. i just looked on the bottle, it is methylated.

  12. i still think i'll run it until i can secure some clomid or nolva.

  13. 2 3a -epithio-17a-methyl-etioallocholan-17b-ol

    2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan- 17b-ol

  14. i see this in both:


    i thought that meant that is methylated. i am a novice tho, so what do i know.
  15. Halodrol HDR

    Hi thanks for the info. I tried looking for them online but can't find anything. Kind of skeptical since none if their info is posted strange . don't know if they're legit. Do you know where you can find their booklet ?

    Quote Originally Posted by BlumpkinKing View Post
    I do know the name , brand new company, once I get home I will post it to you. Are you using their pct called "END" ?

  16. I've also used this HDR. The guy is legit. I've seen his products all over New England but he's strict about them not getting online. The "END" PCT discomforts me a little bit because if you look at the nomenclature on the back it contains 7.5mg of Epistane which seems quite counterintuitive to run a suppressive compound in your post cycle phase. SERM and a regular AI seems like a better call in my book.

    Pretty much the answer to every problem with PH's is more water and supplementing Taurine lol. How are you guys' gains coming along? I've never spoken to anyone else who have used this brand's PH's. He recently came out with one called QUAD which is like Epi, superdrol, halo and tren. My liver cringes just thinking about it lol


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