M-Sten Rx (IronMagLabs) 6 - 8 weeks?

  1. M-Sten Rx (IronMagLabs) 6 - 8 weeks?

    Hey guys,

    Ran a cycle of M-Sten Rx for 4 weeks at 2 caps e/d and had little to no side effects whatsoever besides a quick temper and huge appetite.

    This time around, I was planning on running this cycle for 6 weeks (10mg per pill) at 20/20/20/20/30/30 or 8 weeks at 20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20

    Any opinions or suggestions? And would you go with the 6 week choice or 8 week choice?

  2. I would go with 8 weeks 20 ed or 5-6 weeks 30mg ed

    *i will do a 8 weeks run with some alpha-1 in June

    ** I had no appetite whatsoever with m-sten :what:
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