S-drol/H-drol/11-oxo Recomp Cycle. Advice needed

  1. S-drol/H-drol/11-oxo Recomp Cycle. Advice needed

    So I'm 182lbs 13%bf and planning to run summer recomp cycle. That's gonna be my 4th ph cycle and really looking forward to it. Previously ran epi/dzine twice and liked it and run trenadrol which shut me down hard and no gains at all.

    Planning to run s-drol bridged to h-drol to keep the gains and use 11-oxo as a base throughout the entire 6 weeks cycle. It may look like this:
    s-drol 20/30/30/30/20/0
    h-drol 0/0/50/50/75/75
    11-oxo 400/400/400/400/500/500

    along with Cycle Assist, Tudca, multi vit, flax oil.

    6-bromo, formestane, DAA, Pct Assist.

    How this stack looks like? h-drol does not start to early? How's the dosage? I'm unsure if keeping cycle of two methyls longer than 6 weeks is good idea..
    Shoudl I maybe consider stano instead of something? Anyone run anything similar before? do you think I need to add anything in PCT? after tren I was shut down so hard I had to get hCG shoots to get me up.

  2. Did you mean 228pounds?
    Train hard, be proud. Walk with your head up, show no fear.

  3. I mean 182 pounds, but dont mind to get to 228 eventually

  4. Needs tuning.
    Hdrol takes a couple weeks to really kick in.
    And there is no need to taper superdrol.
    You will be shut down by week two, so the taper is pointless.
    I'd run it like this:
    SD: 20, 20, 30, 30, 0, 0
    HD: 50, 50, 75, 75, 75, 75

    The SD will kick start your gains while waiting for the HD to kick in.

    Also, if you think tren shut you down, you're in for a treat with SD and HD. I would highly recommend a test base.

    Oh yeah, and you should pick a different AI for pct. Formestane is steroidal and may slow recovery.
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  5. I just got done with this cycle yesterday. I took prostanivar which is sd and hd. I ran it with 5-alpha (stano basically). I was running it for recomp. Great results. This is how I ran it:

    Sd 30/30/30/30
    Hd 25/50/75/75/75/75

    I tried bumping hd to 100 that last week and didnt feel good at all after 2 days. So I went back down to 75 and felt great for the rest of the week. I would suggest throwing in stano at 800-1000 throughout.

  6. Ok, I will run it SD 20/20/30/30 and HD 50/50/75/75/75/75, even tough my liver will hate me I guess. What test base you would recommend, any particular product? 1-AD or stano would do?
    What about 11-oxo? Will it benefit the cycle? dosing is ok? Hope it may help torch some fat and increase libido a bit when on cycle. I really want to drop bf from 13%.

    For PCT I can replace formestane with ATD. I had good results from it before, dry and ripped look with little joints pain. I still have some arimidex on hands as well. Makes sense to throw it in?

  7. I just received my liver profile bloodwork resuts:
    AST: 42 u/l range is below 40 u/l.
    ALT: 49 u/l range is below 41 u/l.
    It is slightly elevated, but is it realy dangerous? It has been 3 months since my last epi & dzine cycle so I though its gonna be ok by now. I got a bottle of liv52 right away. Anyway, I'm planning to start the cycle in middle of June so still have a month to go and should be ok by then. Any suggestions?

    Any opinons about stacking SD, HD with 11-oxo? Should I include also Stano or 1-AD or its gonna be too much?


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