Hey guys,

So I wanted to originally run a 6 week Beastdrol/Kenatadrol V3 cycle but with the superdrol ban, I'm looking into its basically brother, Methylstenbolone.

This will be my 4th cycle, previous runs are 1. Epi 2. Trenavar 3. Super-DMZ 2.0

Height: 6'0
Weight: 196
BF%: 15
5 years lifting experience

Thinking of running it like this.

Weeks 1-6
M-Sten: 10/20/20/20/0/0
Kenatadrol V3 250/250/250/250/250/250

Clomid: 50/50/50/50
Erase: 0/0/3/2/1
Creatine 5g ED

Support Supplements:
Liv 52
Advanced Cycle Support
Fish Oil
Milk Thistle

Can anyone spare some time and just give me some quick feedback? Thanks, and I'm happy to join AM!

Criticism welcome!