Halodrol Log

  1. Halodrol Log

    One my last day of 100 mg a day Halodrol

  2. about to run , Nolva, and DAA For the next 40 days, along with Creatine, cycle assist, I put on a clean 7 pounds ,before I started to see water weight ,at the end about 6 pounds ,do to Creatine mono hydrate. Very happy with the results, this ismy 3 rd cycle. I am guessing I will be about 209 pounds , at 6'1, after PCT, about 213 lbs now, suggestions on anything I need for this post cycle ?

  3. What do you have lined-up/on-hand for PCT?

  4. You're only taking nolva and d-aa for pct?

    And when you say 7lbs dry and 6 after you're done, do you mean you only gained 7lbs on this whole cycle and hope to keep 6 after PCT?

    Were you doing a cutting cycle? Most of the hdrol logs I've read report gains around the 10lb mark.

    What was your dosing?

  5. I have 120 caps of "pct assist" , good choice ?

  6. 50/75/100/100/100, was the dosing , was not a bulk cycle more of cut, I did a lot of strength training with , days of high rep supersets . Main goal was to dry out ,Loose some body fat, but towards the end I started taking a mono hydrate and blew up fast like 9 pound gain in the matter of days which I'm slowly loosing. I thought it was very successful over all.

  7. I was alittle un clear 13 total pounds I put on. Sorry about that


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