1 ad oral solution

  1. 1 ad oral solution

    i've been lookin all over and i cant find any info on making an oral solution for 1ad, or any info on its solubility, i appreciate any help thanks

  2. Bump on this I was wondering myself. Have got 24 grams and no caps.

  3. not sure what concentration you could get to, but i couldnt get 100mg/ml in straight peg400.

    think its best to just invest in a cheap scale and measure out your daily dose.

    say your daily is 600mg. measure out 600mg at once, and chop that up into 3 or 4 equally sized piles (by the eye). This will reduce the measurement error from the cheap scale, unless you have one that goes to the 0.01g, since 0.1g scales reading let say 0.6 would be anywhere from 0.55 to 0.64g.

  4. Enigma, so it's like a second measurment with your eye after you use the scale?

  5. i just ****in ended up mixin mine with olive oil, only bec supposivly thats the only substance you can get 200mg/ml with ... it worked out alrite but it tastes horrible, i'm just gonna grab ****ty caps from like gnc and cap them i think bec the taste is terrible

  6. Well look at it this way. Unless you invest in an expensive scale that can read down to the 0.01g, you have an error range of about 100mg (like I said before, 0.6 reading could be anywhere from 0.55 to 0.64). This would make it very inaccurate to dose at once.

    If you took lets say a week's dose (say 600mg/day, 4.2g) and measured that out, there would be a 100mg discrepancy.

    By dividing this powder into 7 roughly equivalent piles, youd narrow down the error (assuming your eye is good). Now the daily dosing error would be something like 14-15mg (assuming once again good eye measurement).

    Splitting this daily dose into 3 doses would then reduce the dose error to 5mg. 200mg with a +- of 5mg is alot better than 200mg with +- of 100mg.

    Even if you didnt do the week into day into dose, just doing the day into dose would reduce the error in daily dosing.

    You'd still get that +- 100mg difference, but here it would be spread out among 3 or 4 doses instead of having each dose being +- 100mg error.

    See where I'm getting with this? It would probably be much easier btw to split the 600 into 3 or 4 as opposed to splitting the weekly dose into 7 adn then into 3 or 4.

    Or you could invest in a 0.01g accuracy scale.


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