Test cyp 350?

  1. Test cyp 350?

    Currently doing 350 test cyp, 30mg Dbol. Who thinks this is even measurable? First test cycle. Feeling really strong.

  2. Keep in mind that you'll have HPTA shut down and make very little endogenous testosterone, as a guy who requires TRT for low endogenous testosterone*, I can tell you the first 100mg alone is very noticeable. So at 350mg/wk you'd likely feel it if it were alone. With D-bol in there, you're definitely going to feel it, no question about it. * Of note, the reason I have low T at such a young age is because back in the early 2000s I ran SD, etc, a few times and my HPTA never recovered. I performed proper PCT. o_0

  3. Your screwed....Your fine bro. Is the test 350 a week or per INj

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