whats a good compound to stack C.e.l. M-Drol with for bulk?

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  1. Max Anabol is nowhere near good enough PCT for an SD cycle. I tried something like that once when I was more stupid than I am now and I got some small hard lumps from rebound. Luckily I was able to make.them go away with a different cycle later on but you gota do it right cuz one day it'll catch up

  2. Quote Originally Posted by G.I.Geo View Post
    Soo..that's why only the stuff that works gets banned?..and after all if you choose to use these substances, your pretty much agreeing to anything that's happens to you in the process. THEN HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE THAT THE REASON THIS STUFF GETS BANNED IS BECAUSE PEOPLE MISUSE OF IT? And how exactly am I misusing the product you have no idea the cycle I'm making i haven't posted the cycle I'm taking or doses. ignorant ****s i swear.

    just on here to get the insight and info you wanna bash go ****en do it on another thread before you do it here. if you have constructive critisism to say by all means please and thank you but if you don't gtfo
    We're giving you insight and info, were telling you that what your doing is a horrible idea. You obviously don't want our criticism because ever time we say something you just ignore it. You just want us to pat you on the back and reassure you of you mistakes. Well sorry buddy we are actually educated on the topic and if your doing something wrong were going to tell you.

    And to say ph, and DS are untested and we don't know anything about them is idiotic. These companies don't just go out and buy a bulk random chemical and cap it up then cross there fingers. They have bio chemists who research this crap and make new chems. To say that all the old stuff is the best just shows how little knowledge you have on the subject. I just read today that this year will probably be a huge year for ph's because there figuring out how to make super effective none methylated ph's. anyways I'm done talking to you about this crap hope you don't get gyno.
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  3. I did androbulk v3 with SD and had great gains and no real issues to speak of. I suppose the androfactory stuff is similar to the PP stuff....as suggested earlier by others. It's DHEA and won't stress your liver like the SD so they pair well.

  4. Hey guys! So i wrote up a response last night but the browser didn't seem post it >:/ So anyway I've decided to take the mdrol on igs own and I've managed to lacate a nolvadex liguid oral as a pct. with much research I've found a few more cases of gyno on mdrol than with a majority of other phs. Is it a specific chemical that you gotta look out for in a compound that accelerates gyno? I've also found a site that helped me understand compounds more deeply and i just wanted to share the link with you guys in case you wanna bookmark at and refer to it on any compound you have a question about! Also since its my first cycle of mdrol aka sd, should i be taking the milk thistle during or after my cycle? Someone on here mentioned it killed the sd if taken during? :/ i just want to maximize results on this bad boy. thanks!

    Edit: Didn't let me post link :/ says i gotta have a minimum post of 150 lol

  5. Ooh and that androbulk stuff looks pretty legit but they run about $220 plus so at that price i would be considering test e inj. for future cycle:O lol of course not anytime soon i got a lot to learn. you guys are brutal when responding though cut me somethin you guys also started somewhere



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