I'm a 24 year old male getting ready to run my first cycle of test E for 12 weeks. I have nolva, clomid and aromasin on hand. I like to do all the necessary precautions before starting. What have I done in the past? I ran a 6 week cycle of Hdrol and ran superdrol for 4 weeks two years ago. I'm 6ft tall standing about 205 lbs less than 12% bodyfat right now.

Here's my problem, I just got my bloodwork back and my estrogen is high but my test levels are within range.

Testosterone - 629
Estrogens - 130

I didn't get e2 or the estradiol on this test or SHBG I think it is. My cholesterol was a little high with my LDL's being at 134 and total at 193. Everything else is in check. Something else to note, is I have gyno in my right pec and I had it in my left but had surgery done several years ago to remove it. Both were from puberty they just decided to grow at different rates. It's not too bad to me but I know it's there and I'm pretty sure it's because my estrogen is through the roof. My libido is extremely low if non existent, and my erections are not full.

My diet is in check, I eat about 6 meals a day, protein about 200g, fats about 50 and carbs a little more than 200 depending on the day. I've read my estrogen could be high because of a zinc deficiency. What else could be the problem and what should I do?

Go see a doctor? Up my fats? Start my cycle? Try aromasin for a few weeks? Help please.