50mg. M1T Caps--WTF!?!?!

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    I just got off the phone with the head of scifit and he seemed to very good at dodging my questions and just saying "this is recommended for the most hardcore"...he kept saying "alcohol is legal and there are thousands of deaths regarding it"....blah blah....i cant believe he actually called me....If anyone cares to bitch him out or let him know how u feel like I did:

    I think that was a good thing calling that shmuck

    I may very well do the same thing and I suggest others do the same

    50mgs per cap is friggin ridiculous

  2. Thats the owner/salesman of the supp compnay thats making thsoe 50mg tabs...hes a good bull****ter and eventually you'll just feel like getting off the phone with him and wishing him best (legal) luck.

  3. Does their site say they are doing this? I only saw the 20 mg ones.

  4. this is so ****ed, I've tried M1T once and was only able to stay on it for a few days at 10mg because I felt so awful, I can't imagine 50mg all at once. WOW!

  5. I really feel bad for the newb who is gonna buy it, and do a 4 week straight cycle 150mg a day no PCT.

  6. This is just some sick ****. It is more fuel for the FDA to keep taking supplements off the market. It just proves how irresponsible some supplement manufacturers are. Just like VPX who market ph/ps to teenagers. Tell me that "Gangsta Test" or "Monster Test" is not gonna attract a teenage crowd. The thing is they know teens will spend their whole paychecks on supplements irresposibly and they don't care about side effects, or even PCT.


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