opinons on ruining tren 10weeks?

  1. opinons on ruining tren 10weeks?


  2. Ruining tren for 10 weeks? Haha after 10 weeks I would be the one ruined.

  3. You retarded bro?

    No hate.

  4. What kind of tren?

  5. I know why an how long you do normally, either or. More of a post jist to get insight an see what people have to say .

  6. Depends on the dose. Some people run tren a long time, just not at crazy doses. Then again, some run it a long time at high doses.

  7. Tvar or trenazone, that might be pushing it dude. I'd see how you feel after 8 weeks and assess it from there.

  8. Tren, e tren ace

  9. Quote Originally Posted by RH2012 View Post
    i ran tren ace 100mg eod for 16 weeks one time. nothing special imo. about like any other cycle i've run. i did start to feel like a pin cushion though.
    I'm only 5 days in ed and my arse feels like said pincushion. I like it though... kinda

    But I'll be on 10 weeks or so

  10. Haha hell ya next cycle is either test tren eq or test tren deca!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by dubfungus View Post
    Haha hell ya next cycle is either test tren eq or test tren deca!
    I've never run eq but I am throwing some deca 100/wk in this cycle right now test tren mast


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