getting ready to start 1st cycle/haldrol

  1. getting ready to start 1st cycle/haldrol

    planning on running it at 50 mg a day for a month. i readily admit that i have not planned this out very well. as of now, i have milk thistle, fish oil, a multi, and baby aspirin. i have daa and nolvadren xt for post cycle. what else do you think i need? i do not have access to serms. thanks!

  2. i am 37, 5'8", 170 lbs, eat very clean diet (90% paleo, no processed foods, sugars or breads), lift 3-5 days a week. not sure exactly what my macros are but i'm always eating, but small meals 5-7 a day. i plan on upping my protein, water, and carb intake during the cycle.

  3. You need a serm and do more research. You seem to have little to no knowledge on what you are taking.

  4. like i said, i cannot get a serm. thinking of using resveratrol as that is probably my best otc option. i have no way to source a serm, no credit card to buy online.

  5. How does a 37 year old man not have a credit or debit card? Not even flaming just very interested.

    What country are you in?

  6. the US. perhaps i should get a debit card, but i live with family and don't really want SERMs showing up at the door.

  7. I'd find a way man. Serms are so important.

    I'm all about conservative dosing, but 50 for 4 weeks is too little. I would do 75 for 5-6. Because you're not going to see any gains until day 25 or so anyways.

    Look up all the sides and start finding ways to combat them.

    Google "hdrol informative bible" and read through that for reference.

  8. ok, thank you. i appreciate the help!

  9. You can also get a pre paid card to use.

  10. that doesn't solve the problem of not having them sent here tho. maybe i could get them sent to work or something. will doctors prescribe them? can i just go to the doctor if i am having any problems?

  11. I think you can get a mailbox at your local post office. So have it sent there. From past experiences, everyone will say get a serm, there is not other option. Over the counter pct supplements are worth nothing without a proper pct stack. You should get one as well as a serm though. Nolvadex, DAA, an otc pct, creatine, and some kind of preworkout supplement for your overall pct. Fish oils, vitamins, and etc. Will not hurt as well. Also, as previously stated, get a prepaid visa gift card if you dont have a means of electronic transfer. Best of luck to you brother.

  12. i was thinking of just using trans-resveratrol and crossing my fingers, along with daa and nolvadren xt. but i've got some time to decide.

  13. Wtf serms are legal to have. You cant get in trouble for having a serm. you just havent done your research.

  14. Finishing my last 10 days at 100 mg a day halodrol, you need a good PCT, my body is on complete shut down, huge results, strength and size gains, but you need to reset your levels. Serm is required. Get on it

  15. i am going to have to start pulsing this on a 3 day a week schedule. side effects are too much: bloating, pain in side, bright yellow urine and pale stool. i feel it's not agreeing my liver, and probably not my other internal organs either. i just went out and got some NAC, am already taking milk thistle, and am thinking of adding an all in one cycle support to take on my pulse as well. it's just not worth the health risks imo to run this straight through. i'd rather have lesser gains and a functioning liver. i should probably consider throwing the bottle out, but i paid for it so feel i should take it all.

  16. It's karma for not having a SERM

  17. how long have you been on?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Hydronium View Post
    It's karma for not having a SERM

  19. For Hdrol you will be fine with Erase or Triazole and DAA for PCT

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

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  20. Are you using anything like Cycle Assist?

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

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  21. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Are you using anything like Cycle Assist?
    It is a must have with any oral cycle... I say reformulate it with taurine in each dose though. It truly would be an all in 1 support supp.
    PEScience Representative

  22. No one pulses hdrol because it's slow acting and really has to build in your system. I wish I could tell you that you'll actually see gains by doing this, but I can't.

  23. TUDCA.

    By the way, pain and bloating is what I got, turns out I'm allergic to milk thistle. Once I dropped that, I was fine.

    Don't pulse hdrol. I doubt itd do anything.


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