Superdrol, Max lmg cycle review and help!

  1. Question Superdrol, Max lmg cycle review and help!

    OKay heres the cycle,
    Pro-SD: 20/20/20/0/0/
    Max lgm: 75/75/75/100/100
    Red yeast rice: 100mg ev day
    Multi- Vitamin: ev day
    Hawthorn Berry 11oomg ed
    Niacin 1000mg everyday
    Milk Thistle 2000mg ed
    Fish oil: - 1000mg ed
    p5p: 100mg ed
    1.5 Gallons of water
    Nolvadex: 20/20/10/10
    DAA: 3-5g veryday
    h cgenerate",

    My question is should i run 6 bromo? or is that gonna kill me sense its already such a rough cycle and pro sd kills estrogen anyways? so just confused on what to do about that, and another question, should i run Pro-ATD along with pct mainly i need pct advice and opinions on the cyce thanks bro's i also have prami and caber in case i need to use. thank for the help

    Also ive ran cycles before of test and tren side free also not prone to gyno but realy wanna give this a run for bulking.

  2. Looks good dude. The staples were honestly the most important part of the cycle for me and I'm glad you figured them out already. I wouldnt run anything more than you have listed. You have your basics. You don't want to go overboard, you'll just be wasting money. If you really wanted to add something then maybe throw in clomid along with your nolva just because its not pricey and I personally like it to hit all the recovery angles, but everyone is different. You wont need prami or caber trust me. Its a dry compound and the only thing you have to worry about is bp/pulse and being lethargic as ****. Are your stats current? whats your bf at?

  3. Yeah there current man and last i check i think my body fat % was around 11-12. SO everything looks good? and should i start my pct a week after im done using maxlmg or right when im done and whats good to fight that lethargic ****

  4. and what else should i post with to bring all my levels back to normal test and estro, just add clomid you think?

  5. You're gonna have to wait for someone else to answer you on the when to start. I ran my sdrol with stano to help the lethargic feeling and it definitely helped. Started pct right after I got off. You don't have to add clomid if you don't want to spend the money but I just recovered with clomid by itself the first time and I definitely liked the mix of clomid and nolva the second time. Sdrol shuts you down hard. You'll definitely feel it. Watch how strong your pre workout is because I had to stop taking mine for a bit because my bp was so high.



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