First cycle critique nad question.

  1. First cycle critique and question.

    Getting ready to start my first cycle. This is what I have decided upon running so far.

    Cycle Support: 02/02/02/02/02/02/02/02/02/02/02/02
    Halodrol: 00/00/50/75/75/100/100/100-125

    PES Erase: 00/00/01/02/03/03/02/01
    Tamox. : 40/20/20/10
    D-Pol : 03/03/03/03/03/03/03
    Versa 1: 01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01

    The only thing I haven't decided on is whether or not I should run a test base. I don't want to run dermacrine (because it's transdermal) and getting anything else is a bit expensive. Any input on whether or not I need one would be appreciated (I understand the libido and lethargy could be an issue without either a test base or DHT).

    All input is appreciated!

  2. Nah bro you will be all good, nobody even talked about a test base 5 years ago. Your libido will be g2g, mine always have when I ran hdrol solo as my first cycle and later too

  3. Personally I would run erase


    And clomid over tamoxifen


    Up to you though

  4. Stano

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