Next Cycle: Test E/Tren A/TNE/DBol

  1. Next Cycle: Test E/Tren A/TNE/DBol

    What's up AM?!?!

    22 Years Old
    221 Lbs
    Lifted hard since 8th grade.
    Aspiring NPC Physique.


    This will be my third cycle. I plan on starting in about another month, which will put me a little bit over time on = time off. By about 2 weeks.
    My first cycle was a 4 week PH cycle of Epistane And Max LMG. Successful PCT. Second was Test P/Mast P/SuperDrol and was 8 Weeks. Had a very thorough PCT, and bloods this week showed my test levels back at 988. Id say that's the best recovery I could hope for.

    I want to get this out of the way while my body still has the potential to recover fully. I want to compete, so I'm not just randomly wanting to do AAS. My first cycle started my 21st birthday, which yeah, too young, but I recovered perfectly from both my cycles. I know that's not to say I will again, but I'm going to do everything I can do get show ready, and still take care of my body.


    Layout for my next cycle:

    Test E: 1-14 750MG/Wk (e3d)
    TNE: 1-3 75MG/Day (Ed or PreWorkout)
    DBol: 1-4 55MG/ Day
    Tren A: 4-10 60MG/Day (ED)
    Aromasin: 12.5 EOD
    Caber: 4-11 .25 E3D
    HCG: 4-14 10,000 iu Spread Evenly

    GNrH: 1MG 1 Time Dose
    Clomid: 100/100/75/50
    Torem: 120/120/90/60
    Aromasin: 8MG ED
    P6 Black
    Deer Antler Spray


    Reason for dosing:
    I've never ran Tren before, so I definitely do not want to jump into Tren higher than test. Although I know some prefer that. I also went with Tren A, even though its inconvenient, so I can stop if needed. I'm going to pin ED to reduce blood fluctuation.
    I have both a TNE/DBol injectable blend, and just oral DBol. Every shot of TNE/DBol is 75/25 and will be administered 1 hour preworkout. The other 30 MG of Dbol will be orally throughout the day to keep bloods more stable.
    I've read amazing things about the TNE/Dbol blend. So should be fun. Should I limit it to just preworkout? Or do it ED? I'm leaning towards ED.

    The Plan:

    This is going to be an all out BULK. Jk. I'm going to keep Cals super clean, just eat above maintenance. I don't want to add mad fat, but the goal is as much lean mass as possible. I will have a meal plan done by Tristen Esco, so this should be super successful.


    Any suggestions/comments will be repped and appreciated.

    Thanks a lot guys.


  2. ^^>>>^^^^<<<<<<^^^^^^

    Will be logging when I begin.
    Bump for any advice!!

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