Cant find any nolva can i use formestane?

  1. Cant find any nolva can i use formestane?

    Nobody seems to have any nolva at the moment and I have been reading about formestane usage while on cycle. I plan on using 1ad/nordiol stack. Can i use formestane while on and then 6 0x0/zma/etc when off? Same question with mohn by itself in a low dosage as I have never done a methyl. thanks. I have researched and cant find an answer.

  2. Its fine. Formestane is good for antiaromatase during cycle just not as great during PCT.


  3. has it. Well, as of last night they did. If you don't want tī fork over $110 for 5 grams of powder, you can order 60 mL bottles at 20mg/mL for $30 a pop. I`believe Custom was selling these for $20 or $24, so it's not that much more expensive. The powder, on the other hand...

  4. are people having good luck with them? I placed an order 12/22/04 and have not received it yet. holidays might have effected that. I was waiting on this order and then was going to place another.

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