bromocriptine: when can/should i use it???, during, after a cycle or is both possible

  1. bromocriptine: when can/should i use it???, during, after a cycle or is both possible

    Havr posted this on the ph-forum recently but since you are more commom with using bromo ask you:

    Have some bromo in stock
    I am on a prohormone t3 cycle (also do use sesathin).
    Can I use bromo on a cycle? -what dosage?
    I have read sth. about bromo lowering testosterone, so it might help to use it on a cycle, and would have less benefits after a cycle - right?
    But I have also read that a lot of bbuilders use it for PCT.
    So what is right?
    If read some stuff in this forum and avant labs magazine but I am not that common with the english language so maybe i have misunderstoo some stuff.

    Can i also use clen while on a (the) cycle?

  2. Bromo is mediocre. One study showed Ergoset (a faster acting variant of bromo) caused significant body fat and weight loss, but the study was conducted on obese people. It didn't do much for me...

    You might want to go to lyle's board if you're really curious about it, there's volumes of info on it over there. I don't think it's worth the cost though, and it takes a while to get acclimated to it. I worked my way up to 10mg/day and now it doesn't even blunt my appetite anymore - how ****ty is that. Spend the money on gear man, for what I paid for the bromo I could have gotten a nice short cycle with some good gear, from a reputable UG lab.

  3. Bromo makes me feel like a zombie so I stopped using it.Beware of tis side-effect.

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