Should I increase my M1T dosage?

  1. Should I increase my M1T dosage?

    A couple people have offered their opinions in my M1T cycle log, but I thought I would post something in this board to get some more advice, just in case not everyone here reads all the cycle posts. I am currently running the following cycle:

    M1T 10mg ED for 4 weeks

    When I started last monday, I weighed 209. A week later, I now weight 220. The weight is probably all water and glycogen, but I don't look bloated or anything. The problem is that my strength has not yet gone up noticeably. I'm making gains, but nothing that couldn't be attributed to natural progress. Should I increase the dosage to 20mg ED? I'm not really experiencing any sides, other than maybe some mild lethargy (hard to tell if it's the M1T that's causing it though) and a slight loss of appetite. Have I given it enough time to work? Obviously if I gain that kind of weight, it's doing something, but I didn't buy this stuff to gain 11 lbs of temporary weight, then lose it all 4 weeks later. How long should I give it before upping the dosage? I'd like to use the least amount possible to be as safe as possible, but on the other hand, I've already bought it, along with a lot of stuff to protect my hair (I'm prone to MPB) and nolva for PCT, and would hate to see my money wasted by not using enough to make gains. Any advice would be appreciated.

    EDIT: The M1T is Omega Sports capsules, which can't really be cut in half, so I have to go up in 10mg increments.

  2. If you just started Monday I would give it a little more time. Are you stacking this with anything else? I used 4ad to help prevent lethargy.

    I didnt really start seeing my strength improve above what I would expect "naturally" until the second week.

    Hope this helps some.

  3. I agree with msclbldrguy, I would wait it out as for the lethargy on my m1t cycle i only experianced it for the first 2 days or so.

  4. Like I said, I and most other users didn't experience strength gain until the second week. Dude you gained 11 pounds already it's obviously working. Patience!

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