Here is what I am going to do to make 1-test cyp

  1. Here is what I am going to do to make 1-test cyp

    Here is what my plans are;

    1. Mix 10 grams of 1-test cyp into eagles oil/solution.
    2. Warm up to help dissolve.
    3. Filter using a .45 whatman. Another needle into allow air to escape. I am going to use TWO 50cc bottles.
    4. Heat in oven at 250 for 45 minutes. 20 gauge needle in to let air escape.
    5. Let cool.

    Oh 1 question can you leave the vial on a cookie sheet when heating in the oven?


    Sound good to everyone?

  2. That will do it. Good luck.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dazed
    That will do it. Good luck.
    thanks that was quick, would putting the vial on a cookie sheet be okay in the oven?

    thanks again

  4. Daze another question the bottle I got is white plastic not brown glass as it is in the picuture. I know this should make no difference but I got the right thing? lol

  5. Cookie sheet is fine. I switched to plastic bottles because they are lighter and can't shatter.



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