how much cycle assist?

  1. how much cycle assist?

    Hey guys. On a test cyp cycle, and I'm throwing helladrol into the mix next week.

    I have one full bottle (60 4 pill servings), and 58 pills left in an old bottle, so 298 pills combined. It recommends 2 4 pill servings per day (which I have always done), but I wouldn't have enough for a pre load, 6 weeks on cycle, and a week afterward. I still have plenty of time to buy another full bottle if I need to, but I was wondering if I can get away with a lower dose and save $35.

    Think I can skip the pre and post load and dose at 7 pills a day? Id really like to post load, so think 6 a day for 6 weeks would suffice? I know H drol is pretty mild, so if there was a ph I could get away with less on... its this.

  2. Just pre load hawthorne berries 10-14 days before you star the HDrol. No need to pre load the cycle assist. Save it for the cycle.

  3. Thanks. One of my boys actually sold me like 90 more pills, so I'm set now

  4. Okay. Your good to go now.

  5. Yes no need to preload ~ Enjoy your cycle

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  6. Will do. Thanks fellas


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