bromocriptine: when can/should i use it???, during, after a cycle or is both possible

  1. bromocriptine: when can/should i use it???, during, after a cycle or is both possible

    Have some bromo in stock
    I am on a prohormone t3 cycle (also do use sesathin).
    Can I use bromo on a cycle? -what dosage?
    I have read sth. about bromo lowering testosterone, so it might help to use it on a cycle, and would have less benefits after a cycle - right?
    But I have also read that a lot of bbuilders use it for PCT.
    So what is right?
    If read some stuff in this forum and avant labs magazine but I am not that common with the english language so maybe i have misunderstoo some stuff.

    Can i also use clen while on a (the) cycle?

  2. I've seen info that would indicate that if taken in the morning, and once around lunchtime, the test lowering effects can be mostly negated. From what I gather, your bodies normal prolactin pulse is highest in the evening when you sleep, and negating this prolactin pulse is what causes the lowering of test levels.

    More info can be gathered from this site:

  3. Just to be a little more specific, there is a sticky thread on that site's forum on exactly the topic you've asked about. Just check the *drugs* forum out, it's right at the top.

  4. thanks
    I have read about taking one in the morning by now.
    I have already taken one and got some hunger by now,
    I am going to try this the other way tomorow
    which forum do you mean the anabolics forum?
    if it is so than I havent found any sticky on that topic

    by the way (I am sure you have heared that very often):
    very nice ass

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gulacz
    very nice ass
    Hey Max, track down Luciana Salazar - she's the competition against Keyra from your avatar.

  6. Lol, I didn't even know the girl in my avatar even had a name, that seemed unimportant really...

    Follow the link that I provided above, and then check the forum I mentioned.


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