Alternatives to BA? - for sterile solution and solvent

  1. Alternatives to BA? - for sterile solution and solvent

    I was talking this over with someone from another board, and we may as well bring it to the forum: let's reconsider the use of benzyl alcohol, the king of pain.

    We all know that BA
    1) is the tried and true standard to maintain sterile solutions.
    2) is a very good solvent.
    3) is not unsafe to inject in relatively small quantities.
    4) makes injections painful.

    Isn't there anything out there which meets the first three criterea, like BA, but not the fourth? It doesn't necessarily have to be a single chemical either, it could be one solvent and one preservative.

    I have come across preservatives which should do a better job than BA at a much lower concentration, but there is no indication that they will work as good solvents. Nor is it clear yet how they would be healthwise by way of injection. Here's a few, and a few more.

    So I don't have any answers, but I am raising the question of whether there is nothing that has come out in the last several decades which can replace BA. It seems to me that there should be something by now.
    -- "If there was something, don't you think the pharmaceutical companies would be using it by now?" you might ask -- No I don't think they would be using it. There has been very incentive for the refinement of steroids, let alone their delivery.

    So let's get the conversions discussion going, and see if we can't figure out something better than BA...

  2. Chlorbutanol and ethanol are options.

  3. Thanks for the pointer Dazed. I really should have looked to your M&M contributions sooner, as everyone else should have.

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