10 week cutting cycle? To Long?

  1. 10 week cutting cycle? To Long?

    I decided to do a 10 weeker cause i can start on jan 1 and it will end exactly on
    my springbreak. Just kinda brainstorming but sorta looks like this i wont post the
    cutting agents that will look too messy but i will be takin trimax, eca, clen. not all
    10 weeks either but here are my anabolics

    -1-8 4ad 400mg trans
    1-10 1test 250mg trans
    1-2 M1T 5-10?
    3-7 SuperDrol 30mg
    7-8.5 Mohn 30-50
    8.5-10 MDHT 25-35?

    But has anyone done a 10 week ph cycle w/o hcg and do you think it will be too
    taxing on the liver? Which is my main concern with double dose Pro Liver ED to try
    to keep it to a min.

  2. MOHN and MDHT will do little in such a short time.

    Without HCG, I think 8 weeks is the max recommended length for a transdermal PH cycle. Gains start to diminish after then anyway.

    I would do:

    1-8 400mg 4AD trans
    1-8 250mg 1T trans
    Superdrol 1-8 @ 20-30mg
    MOHN or MDHT 1-6/8 @ 40-50mg

  3. I personally did a 10 week cutter (not as productive as it should have been, due to me trying out a different diet than I usually have used for cutting), but had no problems recovering afterwards, even though I was pretty heavily suppressed at the end of it.

    You would be using much stronger compounds than I did however, with your additions of superdrol and M1T. If you can get HCG I think it would be a very good addition with a cycle of that sort. I think you could still obtain excellent results without using the M1T in your cycle, and avoid the *look ma, I just swallowed a hand grenade!* type of effects that compound has on one's liver, hpta, etc.

    I do like the cycle Meathead provided for you much more than the one you've proposed, although I do wonder if 8 weeks on superdrol might be a bit much at this point, given the fact we haven't seen much testing data as of yet how a longer cycle would affect one's liver, cholesterol profiles, etc. 1-test/4ad and either m40hn or mdht is going to lean you out very quickly, especially with the addition of trimax and clen/eca. Unless you have a metric ton of fat to burn, I think your stack might be overkill, especially over a 10 week period.

  4. Are there any research companies that supply hcg? Or is it more a get it from a friend type of deal?

  5. Well i found out im not going on the cruise i was planning to so ill just a lean bulker for about 8 weeks but thanks for you input. But meathead's looks good to.

  6. I think the cycle Meathead mentioned would make for an awesome bulker actually, have you decided what compounds you'll be running as of yet?

  7. I really disagree with using superdrol for any longer than 4 weeks at the present time because we dont know enough about its effect on cholesterol yet. Yes, I know supersoldier was on for a long time and that might be why his HDL is so screwed up, but nonetheless I'd keep SD to 4 weeks max.

    Also, going from m1t to superdrol straight should be avoided because of cholesterol again. We know that m1t causes HDL to plummet hard, and if superdrol does some of the same, without time to recover you'll have very dangerous cholesterol levels for 8 weeks.

  8. Yea i was thinking the same thing to just stick to 4 weeks.
    1-8 400mg 4AD trans
    1-8 250mg 1T trans
    Either 1-4 M1T 5-10mg or Superdrol 1-4 @ 20-30mg
    MOHN or MDHT 4-8 @ 40-50mg
    Lethary didnt bother me my last M1T cycle and felt great so mabe ill try 4 week M1T and if it makes me feel bad ill do 2 on 2 off 2 on. Or Sdrol. Soo many decicions i have plenty of about everything in stock so i just have to pick and choose what i want to do. My trans carrier and nolva are on the way w/liver supp. But can we all agree that 8 weeks is not to long w/o hcg or should i cut it to 7 mabe


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