2 years lifting, diet is clean and locked down with a cheat meal for refeeding roughly once a week.
Done 1 cycle of Super DMZ previous to this one (no test base), put on about 18 pounds, retained about 9 lb's of that. Mostly dry gains.

Hi all. I've got 3-5 weeks left of cutting, and (once my BF% is below 10%) i'm looking to run a PH/DS before summer is in full swing.

My title may be slightly misleading, but what I'm wondering is if it is a wise decision to run IML's msten using only 4-Andro as my test base? I've got my reasons (besides legality) for not wanting to use injectable test.

I was thinking of running methylsten at 10/10/20/20 or maybe even 20/20/20/20, depending how I feel approaching the cycle.
Can anyone recommend dosage as far as the 4-andro? And should I run it for 4 weeks alongside the msten or 6? or even 8?

No advice will go unheard, thanks.

Oh, and my pct plan is as follows:
toremifen 120/120/60/60
nolva 40/ 40/ 20/20
DAA starting 5 days before end of cycle, running through PCT @ 3g's per day.

Might through some clen in there to tone up any fat gain on cycle, doubtful tho. Also gonna pick up an AI most likely arimidex since I've read 4-andro can convert.