AMS 1 andro 4ad stack

  1. Question AMS 1 andro 4ad stack

    Hello all, I was hoping someone with more knowledge than I could help me out with this one. I am currently taking a four week 1-andro rde 4AD rde stack from AMS I have been following the instructions on the bottles being one 1 andro and one 4 ad twice a day 8 hours apart. My goal is to bulk up. Would I see better results if I upped the 4 ad to three a day and keep the 1 andro at two a day? And more importantly would it be safe to up the dose of the 4 ad above what it says on the bottle. Going by the doses on the bottles I am taking in 200mg 1 andro and 400mg 4 ad a day. Three 4 ad a day would have me taking in 200mg 1 andro and 600mg 4ad. Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations? Thanks

  2. Honestly it would be better to get another bottle of each and go 6 or 8 weeks...
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  3. Well I am just starting the third week, I have an extra bottle of 1 andro and was considering ordering another 4ad and doing a 6 week with the last four weeks being two 1 andro and three 4 ad a day. I don't care about having a little bit left over I want to stop the cycle at the end of the sixth week no matter what.

  4. What have you noticed so far with the cycle?

  5. Both of those products are so relatively weak and cause such unnoticeable shutdown (mainly because 4ad supposedly eventually converts to test) that there is absolutely nothing wrong with running both for 8 weeks. I ran 4ad along my Halodrol cycle at 3 tabs a day for 6 weeks and I felt zero sides even with the stronger methylated Halodrol.

  6. Iv'e noticed an increase in strength beyond the possibility of placebo effect but not insane. A lot more vascularity and great pumps. A lot of gym focus and energy. Lost about 3lbs of body fat and gained About 3lbs of muscle so I remain the same weight looking slightly more cut. Huge ab gains for some reason.(not complaining ) almost no side effects what so ever except an extremely low sex drive. Which is odd from what I have gathered. I am in the beginning of the third week.


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