Turinabol Cycle ..... Please help !

  1. Turinabol Cycle ..... Please help !

    I am 22 years old and my weight i 77kg with 12-13 % bodyfat. My aim is to build some muscle mass. Except the good diet and working out i want to add something more. I have made a bit research on most of the oral steroids and the Turinabol caught my eye as the less harmful steroid on the market. Anyway there a lot different opinions on how long and what dosage to take from it. From that which i read the dosage should be somewhere 50mg per day. Can someone tell me em i right and what PCT should i take after the cycle ( is it something only for protecting my liver) and how long should i make the cycle. Also, just for the protocol I do a hypertrophic specific training.P.S People had advice me to take test with it but i am not feeling doing injection so ...... Should i add something to keep my test levels high ?

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