First Superdrol Cycle.

  1. First Superdrol Cycle.

    Hey everyone. I'm running my first Superdrol Cycle in about a week and had a quick question. I'm running it 15/20/20 and another half a week at 20 (to finish the bottle), have cycle support and PCT assist, as well as support supps like CoQ10, RYR, extra milk thistle, saw palmetto, Hawthorne berry and celery seed. I also have clomid and a natural test booster for my PCT. I've heard mixed opinions, but the general consensus is to start natural test my last week on cycle and the clomid the day after my last dose of SD. Does anyone agree or disagree with that? And I have ran cycles before, just trying to clarify as SD is pretty harsh.

  2. Yea general consensus is start SERM day after last dose

  3. That's what I figured. And having a little overlap by starting the natural test a week before finishing the cycle is what I've done before, or do you think I should save it until I start the clomid?

  4. What's the natty test booster? Usually you'd run this day after last dose as well and continue it until gone

  5. Sounds good. I have DAA and Androbolix (basically trib and longjack)

  6. JMO but I'd run the SD at 10mg the first 3-5 days just to see how you react to it. Also I'd get some Stano or 5alpha for a test base. SD is no joke and the sides can destroy a good cycle if not ran with test. I'd also pick up some Tudica for extra liver care.

  7. I'll probably get some NAC for extra liver care, but how about a DHEA base?

  8. My only thing is I don't want to pin. Otherwise I'd do something like andromass.

  9. androfactory bulk-up would be a great way to add a test base. i used stano with great results
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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  10. andromass wasnt a pin solution, it was pills...

    do you know what youre doing?

  11. Yes I do. All I'm able to get my hands on are pin solutions and 4-dhea pills. At least reasonably quickly. I'll see what I can find. Thanks for the advice.

  12. OP is confusing the shat out of me.

  13. Seeing as I've never used andromass, I was unaware that it was pills. I guess the description of it makes it seem like it's a pin solution: "if you want to experience true injectable testosterone - - andromass is your quickest ticket without breaking the law or getting a script."

  14. Which SD?

  15. Iron Labs Methyl-S.


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