Time of dosage?

  1. Time of dosage?

    I've been taking my PH like so.. Just wondering if I'm killing my liver, my stools are rather white.

    Morning: 50mg halo and 250 stano
    4 hours later. Cycle assist
    4 hours 50mg halo and 250 stano
    4 hours cycle assist.

    My 4 hours are not on the spot, sometimes longer sometimes shorter.

    Is that alright, I've normally done this.. But my stools were normal

  2. Honestly I really don't think it matters at all. Your timing is fine but if you like change it a bit.

  3. Dosing is fine I've taken 20mg SD, 400mg stano, and 400mg 4-ad all at once in a cycle before with no problems. The white poo may be caused by something else... I know when I take in a lot of protein, like 300g+ in a day sometimes my crap gets pale.
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  4. Halo has twice the half life as Stano I think. ~12hrs versus ~6hrs respectively.

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