Short Cycles

  1. Short Cycles

    I've been reading up about short cycles and think that it has merit. In the past, i've generally run 12 to 16 week cycles and found recovery to be long and slow. That said, i'm thinking about running 3 short cycles back-to-back (4 on 4 off) instead of one long cycle. I'm planning on starting this in Feb. and want to take a minimalist approach. Since i will be running 4 week cycles, i plan on running a short ester injectible (tren acetate) with an oral (dbol). I've found in the past that when running tren or deca i experience tren/deca dick right around week 6 so running either for 4 weeks should keep libido issues at bay.

    I've generally run bread and butter cycles like test/deca, test/EQ, test/tren. I've always preferred to keep things real simple and doses reasonable. It's been about a year since i've run a cycle and wanted to experiment a bit. I understand that test should be the base of most cycles, but as i said i wanted to experiment. If tren dick becomes a problem, i can always add some prop.

    I was thinking of running the following cycle, my goal for this cycle is to put on some lean mass. Let me know what you bros think.

    Weeks 1-24 3-4iu GH (5 on 2 off)

    weeks 1-4 100mg tren acetate EOD
    weeks 1-4 50mg dbol ED
    weeks 5-8 IGF 40mcg ED
    weeks 5-8 Clomid ED (100mg first week, 50mg weeks 2-4)

    weeks 9-12 100mg tren acetate EOD
    weeks 9-12 50mg dbol ED
    weeks 13-16 IGF 40mcg ED
    weeks 13-16 Clomid ED (100mg first week, 50mg weeks 2-4)

    weeks 17-20 100mg tren acetate EOD
    weeks 17-20 50mg winny ED
    weeks 21-24 IGF 40mcg ED
    weeks 21-24 Clomid ED (100mg first week, 50mg weeks 2-4)

  2. I think it looks very solid, since you addressesd the Test issue. Keep us updated

  3. i personally am not a big fan of short cycles, with that said, and even though you addressed it, i would still run prop with the tren, not just for the tren dick, but just to keep you in a better mood in general, along with the other benefits of test

  4. I like it. I especially like the fact that your running IGF-1 during your PCT's. Let us know when you start up.

  5. Thanks for the feedback bros... i plan on starting the first week of February. I still have to order the GH and two more vials of IGF. Everything else i already have and is ready to go. I also have HCG, proviron, dex, and nolva just in case...



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