What's up bros? I've found myself in quite a dilemma. I did have 8000mg of test c along with the prohormone dmz 2.0. I'm aware that this section is dedicated to "old school" hormones but since this post contains aspects of both I've stuck it here. I was recently informed before starting the cycle that the dude messed up under dosing test by half. Leaving me with 100mg/ml test c. About 7 weeks of test C and a lot of oil.. I'm fully bummed. He has promised to make it up with tren E. if this was prop and not C Id be happy. But will a 7 week cycle of test c bridged with tren E be enough test? And since it's long ester how will this effect my cycle? What would you do? I do not have a source for anything else thanks.kick start with dmz 2.0? Thanks