I figured to record my 8 week Epistane cycle results for our community due to the fact that there arn't any. I'm currently on week 4 of my epistane cycle that has looked like the below dosage.


I now am opening a new bottle to continue this cycle for 3-4 more weeks also at 40/40/40/40. I found by trial and test that 40mg renders most gains and anything past that doesn't really seam to make any more of an effect. My bloodwork has come back at normal values so until it doesn't i'm not concerened with the stress my liver may endure (I'm guessing it effects other livers differntntly). I decided to continue for another 3-4 weeks because this is a very slow acting steroid and i just started to actually "see" gains in the last week and a half (4lbs), although my strength has gone way up since week 2. My PCT with be Nolva 50/40/30/20. My on cycle support has been Milk Thistle, Multi vitamins, and whatever else i want it to be. I'll let you guys know if mass gains cease at a certain point in this extra length cycle. Also i'll advise if bloodwork comes back neg.

Thanks and wish me luck im shooting for 12 lbs of lean mass and a veins ass weiner.