Can you really FEEL your PHs working?

  1. Can you really FEEL your PHs working?

    I haven't ever actually physically felt PHs working until today, probably because Ive never ran a cycle with high dosages. I am 10 days into a 1-t,mohn,4ad cycle and I actually got kind of what felt like a buzz about 45 minutes after taking my nightly dose of 100mg 1-t, 10mg mohn, 100mg 4ad. Anybody else ever get a tingly feeling, or any other strange feeling a little while after taking a dose?


  2. On my first 1ad,4ad cycle I did.
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  4. Have never felt anything immediate...

  5. i get a rush from mdht and m5aa
    havent done a cycle yet- but with the promise of feeling tingly- Im anticipating it!!!
    love that tingly

  6. I start to feel it 3-5 days in.

  7. Kinda light on the doseing or is that 2x morning and night?

  8. Hell yes I could feel them working...Got a rush and increase in heart rate after applying 166mg 1-test / 250mg 4AD /166 mg OHT.



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