First Test cycle. PCT/On-Cycle Support Critique plz

  1. First Test cycle. PCT/On-Cycle Support Critique plz

    Stats/background: 190, 5'11', ~12%bf. Four PS/PH cycles (all orals, including SD), never had any gyno or other post-pct sides.

    Diet: [email protected]/30/20 (as I'm generally carb sensitive). I might allow for an extra 300cal of carbs on the SD, though, if it's too torturous.

    wk 1-15: Test-C 600mg EW
    wk 1-4: SD 20/20/30/30 (prob will cut this off at 3wks as I start getting sick of the SD sides around 3.5wks)
    wk 12-17: Epi 30/30/40/40/40/50, Trenazone: 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/2/2
    wk 18-21: PCT

    On Cycle Support:
    Arimidex: 0.25mg ED
    Liver/BP: Life Support, extra hawthorn berry, Aegis (TUDCA), all as labeled.
    Joints: P5P, Orange Triad, fish oil

    Nolva: 40/30/20/20
    DAA, PES Erase/Anabeta

    Would love some feedback before I dive in (already pre-loading my hawthorne berry). I've hard that T-zone doesn't really have the prolactin issues that other tren compounds have, so I'm hoping that the Nolva will be plenty for the PCT if I'm running Arimidex on cycle.

  2. What are your goals? Cals are super low imo if you are trying to grow.

  3. My goal is a nice long lean bulk. I'd rather not put on too much fat before summer hits.

    Ideally I'd like to be at around 200-205lbs and 8-10%BF by the end. Also, like I had stated before, depending on how I feel during the SD phase, I might boost it to 2500cals. Furthermore, I generally allow myself one cheat meal/wk, so there could very well be one 4000+ calorie day/wk.

  4. I'm 5"11 and I eat 2.7-3.2kcals. And I'm hiving around 188-190. That's insane that your able to hold 190 at 2k cals.

  5. Yeah man something to consider is your body will need more cals and protein to keep the new muscle or you will just slowly lose it after you are off. If you do keep the cals low in the beginning you can prob get a nice recomp effect early and the increase cals slowly and monitor your bf so you are happy with it.

  6. well, it's 2200 6days/wk, and 4000+ 1day/wk, so it evens out to around 2500cal/day. I'll also have a banana or something after WO's if I'm not planning on eating immediately afterward. Especially if I'm running my carbs at 40% of my cals, I can maintain 190 no problem.

    I do try and keep a pretty close eye on that stuff, though, so I can adjust if necessary.

    How about the cycle support and PCT, though? I'm debating whether or not to run HCG at the end to give my nuts a head start, but I'm not sure I'd want to run 4 compounds at the same time.


  7. I think your nuts would thank you if you use it and hate you if you don't, support supps and pct look solid man, enjoy.

  8. Perfect, thanks for the feedback guys.

    As for the HCG, I suppose I'll be nice to the boys and find some for the end of my cycle. Any cliffs before I do my due diligence?
    wk 17: 500iu ED
    wk 18-20: 500/250/250

    Something like that? Do people ever pulse it in the middle of a cycle to stave off the big time atrophy?


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