Need some help!

  1. Need some help!

    I am running test e and primo right now, and my numbers have been doing pretty good (increase in the weight I lift) but I have been really focusing on my chest. The last week and half I have been stalling, no gains really not even an extra rep? I work a hard job (construction) and we just started busting out 12 hour days because of the weather and I have been sore and tired but this no improvement at the gym is really killing my motivation. Is this normal because of the extra work I have been putting in, will this pass, and no I do not think my gear is garbage, it has been doing great up until now?

  2. I forgot to mention I am about a week and half in on a t3 and clen cycle too, I know t3 can take away some muscle but I thought I would be good since I am running test and primo with it

  3. Even on gear it's possible to over train.
    If you have a minute, post your weekly split and your caloric breakdown.
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  4. Increase in activity should go hand in hand wiith increase in calories. Have you upped your cals since you started working extra? Even with gear you gotta eat to grow.
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  5. I am guessing when you say weekly split my workout routine? Monday chest and tri, tues arm (bi tri forearm), wed back and bi, thursday shoulder, friday leg, sat light chest, sunday light arm, I at least do 10 min cardio everyday and about every other day I throw in some core nothing intense though, but since we started the 12's I dropped to just five days a week dropping the light chest and light arm days, I also am in the gym a minimum of 1 hour but usually around 1 hr and half, not a lot of rest for extra cardio, my calories are around 3000 ( i am going to raise them though) I eat a caseing shake and then wait bout half hour and eat like 4 egg whites, I get a proteing shake in b4 lunch, n for lunch its ussually a couple cans of tuna and green beans or a green vegatble and one piece of whole grain bread, dinner ussually a couple chicken breast some green vegtables, a sweet potato or piece of wheat bread, I will drink one scoop protein b4 I work out and two scoop post workout and casein shake for bedtime. I will throw in an apple or two throughout the day as well

  6. I eat a natural peanut butter sandwhich with pry a serving and half of peanut butter two pieces of whole grain bread as well that ussually post workout but like and hour after my shakes


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