CEL Estane and M1,4ADD

  1. CEL Estane and M1,4ADD

    I have these and the bottles dated to expire in 2011 are manufactured in Phoenix. The Ines dated 10/12 are from Danville, PA. Any light on this subject? Two facilities? The Estane from Danville worked. It worked reeaaally well. The M1,4 from AZ did also. I'm curious about this. This is not sourcing to my knowledge and if it is please let me know and ill act accordingly. I know some of that is hard to tell. Thanks

  2. it's just different bottling locations.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    it's just different bottling locations.
    Thanks man. It just raised a red flag as I'd only heard of the Phoenix location for some reason.

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