Hdrol/1-AD/Stano cycle

  1. Hdrol/1-AD/Stano cycle

    Hey guys just looking to get some advice on my cycle. 28 years old, 5'10" 190 pounds about 14% bf. Been training since high school but got serious in the last few years. Goals are to gain some size and good strength. Trying to break the 200 pound mark. Here's my cycle

    1-AD 2/4/4/4/4
    Hdrol 0/0/50/75/75/75/100/100
    Stano 600/600/800/800/800/800/1000/1000

    Cycle supports:
    Hawthorn berries
    Multi vitamin
    Creatine mono
    Fish oil

    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Erase 0/0/3/3/2/2/1/1
    Endosurge 6/6/6/6
    Anabeta 4/4/4/4/4/4

    All support supps ran through pct as well except Tudca. Any input would be great

  2. Anyone?

  3. Looks solid.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Looks solid.
    Thanks man appreciate the feedback

  5. Yeah it looks g2g, kill it bro. You can definitely break 200 lbs with what you have lined up.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SPS View Post
    Yeah it looks g2g, kill it bro. You can definitely break 200 lbs with what you have lined up.
    Yeah I was trying to keep my goals realistic for this cycle for sure

  7. Looks like a well laid out cycle.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by liftin4fun View Post
    Looks like a well laid out cycle.
    Thanks man. I learned a lot from my first cycle and I am a lot more prepared this cycle and that's how I'll be with cycles from now on.

  9. Great workout today. I know I'm not feeling it yet but I think I was just so pumped to get this cycle going. So here was today's training

    OHP 5/3/1 (Slowly but surely building this up)
    130x10 (good rep PR here)

    Dips bw for 4x8

    Chin ups bw for 4x6 (I suck at these right now)

    Close grip bench 4x8


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