Letro as my AI and long term thoughts?

  1. Letro as my AI and long term thoughts?

    I baiscally started using letro as my AI on cycle right now im doing .5mgs E3D. I got tiered of extremestane which didnt do anything for me. I currently cruise year round on 300mgs of test a week and am now blasting with epi and tren at 400mgs a week. I could just drop Anti E's in general but risk my gyno getting worse. I dont really know what i should do any advice is very much appreciated.

  2. If you have gyno then get rid of it. I wouldn't run letro at all unless your using it to reverse gyno. I'd use adex regularly which is my go to ai. I've never been a fan of aromasin myself and have always had good results from adex. But like I said if you have gyno you shouldn't be blasting until you get rid of the problem.

  3. no I just finishing up this letro to rid the last gyno sorry tht wasnt clear

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