Which stack for a recomp/cut should I go with?

  1. Which stack for a recomp/cut should I go with?

    Trying to decide on which stack to do for a recomp or possibly a cut. So many options...

    Epi + Stano
    SD + Stano
    SD/Epi Bridge
    SD/HD Bridge
    HDrol alone

    ive been out of the hormonals game for a while is there anything else that's come out in the past 6-9 mos I don't know about?

    6'1 225 @ 14-16ish

    open to thoughts and suggestions

  2. Oral tren from iml with halo I'm sure would be just awesome.
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  3. Why not sd/hdrol bridge with stano?

    Check out new tren phs or trenazone too

  4. I would personally go either epi stano and trenazone or hdrol stano and trenazone. If I were to go back to ds/ph.
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  5. Hdrol and stano sounds good.



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