havoc and tren stack

  1. havoc and tren stack

    was originally going to do havoc and andro but now am thinking of doing havoc and tren im a little worried about the estrogen sides from tren but is it better? and if so would something like erase be enough to deal with any on cycle sides like the estrogen conversation that can happen? any help would be much appreciated

  2. What doses are you planning? Are you talking about tvar or trenazone. The epi should help with the estro sides. If u wanted to add something else for estro I'd go with forma surge. Endosurge for prolactin.

    Epi 40-60mg for 6 weeks
    Tvar 90-120mg for 6-8 weeks

    If u go with trenazone, it's awesome, run it at 2ml Ed for 8 weeks.

    Epi/tren should give u estro sides.

  3. cool thanks man yeah i was going to run it for 5 weeks
    week 1: 30mg epi, 1ml trenazone
    week 2: 30mg epi, 1 ml tren
    week 3. 45mg epi, 1.5ml tren
    week 4. 45mg epi, 1.5ml tren
    week 5. 45mg epi, 1.5ml tren

    and of course a standard post and during cycle assist and nolva and all that good stuff

    and then yeah ill look into that other supp u mentioned for the estrogen/prolactin sides
    and yeah i guess will a good aromatose inhib be fine for this?

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