Gyno still present???

  1. Unhappy Gyno still present???

    Hey guys, I think I had a rebound from my PCT weeks ago (puffy, sensitive nips & a large lump behind the left nipple) so I've been taking 80mg of Nolva (Tamoxifen Citrate) in 20mg pills. Ive been on 80mg for 4 days now and the lump seems to be getting bigger..?? I dont feel right increasing the dosage to 90-100mg because it cant be good for the body. Anyone know what the hell to do? I was going to go 2 more days at 80mg then down to 40,20,10,10. Any input is appreciated! Im kinda freakin out here.

  2. Go see a doctor.

  3. You're right that it can't be good. Nolva is also an estrogen so in high amounts it might exacerbate your gyno.

    Talking to a doc might be problematic to your medical record. You'll have to make the decision.

  4. Stick with the nolva at 80 for longer but you should really think of seeing your doctor. When I got gyno a little while back it took me about 3 weeks of nolva to see results. The lump getting bigger could also just be your mind playing tricks on you. Again a doctor would be the best bet.

  5. what did your cycle consist of?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by OmarJackson
    what did your cycle consist of?
    M-Test & 4AD

  7. I heard MTest is a horrible product, steer clear of that at all costs.

  8. What ever happened with this WarHead?

  9. sounds like your nolva was bunk. never heard of counterfeit nolva though. no way the lump was getting bigger using 80mg ed.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by timogburn
    I heard MTest is a horrible product, steer clear of that at all costs.
    i doubt he means methyl-test....prolly M1T....but then again, if he has the understanding to get nolva pills, he might have....although i cant see a reason for MT/4-ad cycle....


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