Furazabol dosage question ?

  1. Furazabol dosage question ?

    Hey guys im just curious how high you can dose this stuff. Ive ran it before at 600 mg a day for 8 weeks with epi and loved the results. Anyways I have access to about 20 bottles so i can dose my next cycle really high. So my question is : Whats the max dosage I can run this at for the max effects ? btw I will be using epi again too.

  2. I've never seen anyone run 1,000mg for 6 weeks before.

    There really isn't a limit for non methyl steroids.

    I would stick with 600-800mg for 6 weeks.

    But if your able to go 1g for 6weeks, I say, do it.

  3. yeah I was thinking of trying it at 1 gram a day for 6 weeks. I always though when it came to furazan the higher the dose the better but i could be wrong.

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